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Why has the branding changed?

Ethx was a global cryptocurrency exchange. Since the regulation in this space is changing rapidly, we have evolved to an alternative investment platform. We have taken this step in order to consolidate our products, stay true to our vision all the while making sure that as users you are not left high and dry due to dynamic policy changes in terms of digital asssets.
Digital assets are regulated in almost all countries, in order to ensure that we're completely compliant we have limited the offerings based on the country. To check which assets are supported in your region, please click here.

What will happen to my holdings with Ethx?

All your holdings with Ethx are entirely safe. We have limited the trading on ethx, and have opened the wallets for you to withdraw your funds to a different exchange, or personal wallet. You can request withdrawal by 15th January 2020.

We shall be processing the withdrawal in batches every week. All withdrawals would be processed by 5th April 2020.

What about my Ethx Tokens?

Ethx tokens are now being traded on ForkDelta. You can withdraw your tokens to any ERC20 compatible wallet.
We are working on adding ethx tokens to OroPocket for trading, and to be used as fees. This feature is expected to release in Q1 2020.

Will my Ethx credentials work on OroPocket?

Unfortunately not. Since we are now dealing with a wide variety of assets, both physical and digital, we need to abide by AML Laws of different nations, hence you need to signup again on OroPocket and complete your KYC. OroPocket registrations are currently open by invite-only. If you are an ethx user, you will be sent a link using which you can bypass the queue and join the platform directly.

Which assets can I trade on OroPocket?

You can buy, sell, pay and get paid in several digital assets - precious metals, cryptocurrency tokens - using OroPocket. A detailed list of country specific assets is given here.

Is OroPocket safe? How can you guarantee the safety of my assets.

All the assets that you invest in on OroPocket are secured in low risk countries, in secured vaults. Your assets are 100% insured against hacking, theft or any natural calamity.
Furthermore, we are working on recording all your asset holdings on blockchain to ensure complete transparency and security.

How does OroPocket help with remittances?

OroPocket works on a closed loop wallet system, where you can transfer assets to any user globally, within seconds.
Cross border transactions are thus made easy and become cheaper, as a user does not have to jump hurdles in order to make sure that the money reaches the recepient. This not only saves time, but also is significantly cheaper.

How can I get buy assets on OroPocket?

Users from around the globe can instantly buy, or sell any asset using their Credit and Debit Cards. Apart from this, for some countries we have added more payment methods including bank transfers, paypal etc. You can find more details about this here.

To start using OroPocket, you need an invitation code. You can either request an invitation or check with your friends if they can invite you.

What is the fee structure on the transactions?

We charge a flat fee of 0.25% on every transaction. This includes Buy, Sell and Transfer. This fee is inclusive of all taxes.

Where are my assets stored?

We have collaborated with several vaults all over the world and your digital assets are stored in these vaults- keeping all the industry standards as precribed by World Gold Council (WCG). For your cryptocurrencies, 97% of these are stored in offsite cold storage redundant servers on multi-sig wallets. All your assets are 100% insured against hacking, and theft.

Can I get my precious metals delivered?

We are working on getting this feature out. At this moment, you cannot request a physical delivery of the metals. However you can instantly sell them and request funds in your bank account.
Since the delivery of precious metal involves transfer challenges including insurance and custom clearance, we have not launched this feature yet. We intend to roll this out gradually.

Is there any insurance on my assets?

Yes, your assets are fully insured. The gold is stored a ta certified vault with a third party certified custodian, as per the WCG standards.

What about taxation?

Since the taxation on precious metal and cryptocurrency is different for every country. The taxation aspect and the onus to pay the respective government taxes is on the user, we do not hold any liability to pay the taxes on the users' bahalf. However to ensure the ease of use, you can request a detailed transaction report, which would make it easy for you to file taxes.

I have a suggestion, where should I send it?

Great, we are all ears. Please email us your suggestion on support@oropocket.com.

Why is OroPocket registration by invitation only? How does the invite system work?

We are currently under beta testing, hence the registrations are only open by invitation. This helps us in scaling.

We send out invitations every day based on the dynamic wait list. You can request an invite, and based on the list we shall reach out to you with an invite code. More details about this can be found here.
If your friend is already using OroPocket, they can invite you to the platform as well.

How does the referral system work?

Once you start using OroPocket, you can invite your friends and family to join as well. They can sign up directly using your invite code.
For every user you refer, both you and they would get 1 gram of silver for free upon completing their investment of Rs 500 or $10.

I have a question which is not listed here.

Please reach out to us on support@oropocket.com and we would be happy to help you!

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