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Now Wealth Creation is an easy task, We at Oropocket aim to make your investments Wiser, Better, Smarter and Automatic.

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Historically Gold and Silver has given enormous returns over other financial instruments

Investing ₹500 every month for 1 Year in

Why Auto-Invest?

A part of your portfolio should appreciate with the safest assets

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year SIP
year SIP
Cost of delay:  INR 

years in Auto Invest

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Auto Invest plan

INR 100 Per Day

Start small by investing as little as ₹100 per day. Your digital assets will accumulate gradually.

Gold, Silver And More Investment option

No Lock-in Period

Have full access to your money. Withdraw via UPI anytime, anywhere without incurring any fees.

Instant Gold or Silver Transactions Globally

Auto Mandate

No need to nudge yourself to transfer funds on the scheduled date. Schedule automatic transfers from your bank account for your SIP.

Gold & Silver assets


Make the right decision. Find out your ROI on various instruments.

How it works?


Set the amount

Set the amount you want to invest in Gold/Silver every day/week/month


One tap deposit

Deposit INR in your wallet using our payment gateway. That’s it. Your money will be automatically invested every month (or the set frequency).


Redeem at maturity

Sell your assets and redeem from your wallet directly to your bank account at the time of maturity

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